The New Renault Twizy

This strange little car is called the Renault Twizy, its an electric car on now on sale at Renault dealers from ?6,690


Its powered by a 0% emissions electric motor that produces 17bhp reaching a top speed of 50 mph.


The rent the battery for the Twizy from Renault at a cost of £45 per month over a three year contract.*


Other than the hiring of the battery things are pretty straight forward.? You charge the car using a normal plug socket, taking around 3.5 hours to fully charge at a cost of around £1 the is capable of covering around 60 miles before needing recharging.


You obviously cant travel too far without having to recharge and just as well as the car doesn’t come standard with any doors, however these can be purchased as an optional extra at £545.


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