The Nissan GT-R – a Hulk of a car


Better performance, better handling make the New Nissan GT-R incarnation even more desirable and able.

Nissan launched the GT-R back in 2007 and ever since the competition has been having to play catch up. With improved performance, improved handling and even better stability the new GT-R is more than capable in keeping its own with the best of supercars.

It’s hard to believe how Nissan could improve an already near-perfect car, the original model from 2007 pumped out 479bhp and would put a smile on the biggest of petrol heads but the 2013 model is now running at 550bhp with an improved throttle response through both the mid and upper rev ranges. This has been achieved through the use of higher performance injectors and better fuel control allowing the GT-R to propel itself from 0 – 62 MPH in just 2.7 secs 0.1 seconds quicker than the previous model.

The Nissan engineers have also looked at body roll, tyres and suspension setups and made alterations. The result is a car with a lower centre of gravity decreasing the lap time around the Nurburgring to just 7minutes 19.1 seconds under test conditions.

The styling of the car hasn’t really change a great deal from the original 2007 model but non visual changes such as body shell rigidity have been improved and Nissan also insist the down force created from the front spoiler is now 10% more with an improved rear diffuser sucking the Nissan to the road.

Moving on to the interior the cabin features a carbon fibre centre console, leather seats, reversing camera and Bose sound system with nice touches such as the smoked chrome bezels and blue dashboard lighting making the cabin sporty but elegant.

At £75,000 the car is an absolute bargain considering the performance. To achieve similar performance in a supercar like a Porsche 911 you will be well into spending another £25,000 on top and you still wouldn’t be up to that 2.7 0-62 time.

Running costs are brilliant as obviously all this performance does come at the expense of economy with the MPG being 24mpg it’s not the worst but it’s certainly not eco-friendly and at insurance group 50 be prepared to have to shop around.

All in all the Nissan GT-R is a car that has taken technology close to the limits and beyond most other manufacturers including the likes or Porsche and Audi.

Some people will still say that “it’s still just a Nissan” but really it’s not. It’s something of a monster that has been created by madmen in a laboratory – a Hulk of a car.