The Porsche Boxster ? How do you improve on perfection?


The Porsche Boxster has won award after award since its launch back in 1998 and is the benchmark that all other cars in its market sector are measured against including the Honda S2000 and the BMW Z series.

Obviously as time goes by manufacturers up their game and start making improvements so Porsche have to keep one step ahead at all times and that?s the reason for a new Boxster with a bigger, faster more powerful guise.

Improving a near perfect car isn?t easy without increasing the sale price and this isn?t something that Porsche can afford to do if they want to keep their car in the same price bracket as its rivals.

Improvements would need to include it being lighter, even more agile, quicker and yet more economical and greener so how have Porsche pulled this off?

The first of the Porsche Boxster’s were fitted with either a 2.5 litre engine or a 3.2, later the 2.5 was to be replaced with a 2.7 unit and then increased again in later models to a 2.9 and a 3.4 litre.

The new entry model Boxster has been downsized back to a 2.7 litre unit but the good news is that the power output has been increase from 255bhp to a nice 265bhp which is actually more than the original output of the 3.2 Boxster S.

Both the 2.7 and 3.4 litre models feature direct injection engines and a six speed gearbox as standard although this can be upgraded to a PDK double clutch at an extra cost and is bound to be popular.

The new models also come with a slightly longer and wider wheelbase giving better ride quality and grip on the road and like its big brother the 911, the Boxster?s now come with an electronic power steering system making the car more efficient, weighing less giving increased economy and acceleration. The additional use of more aluminium in the body structure of the car has also aided in the weight reduction.

As with nearly all Porsche models the cosmetic changes are very subtle with the lines changing very slightly to a more edged, more athletic looking machine with larger rear wheel arches and less overhanging at the front of the car.

Specification wise the alloy wheels go up to 20? in size housing bigger and more efficient brake discs and callipers. The interior on both models keeps its minimal and to hand appeal for all the electronic controls and the gear shifter very similar in design to the Carrera GT supercar. The entry model comes with an Alcantara trim 18? alloys, push button stop/start, electronic hood and 7? LCD cd entertainment system.

The Boxster S has over and above the 2.7 model larger 19? alloys, half leather and bi-xenon headlights as well as the obviously bigger engine.

All in all Porsche has yet again done a superb job in improving this already excellent car and will no doubt remain at the top of its game. The person that has the job in improving this model in a few years? time has one hell of a task on his hands!

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