The top 5 UK Track Cars

Here’s a nice piece by?By James Richardson?about the big boom in track cars, specifically looking at the top 5 for sale currently in the UK. My personal favourite would have the be the Porsche GT3, something you could race around a track then pop to the shops on the way home! –

Top 5 UK Track Cars

Track days are big business in this country. They started to gain popularity in 1990, when, with the introduction of speed cameras on UK roads, people felt that they could no longer exploit their car?s performance without having the long arm of the law reach into their wallets. So, performance car enthusiasts started heading for the track in order to push their cars to the limit in (relative) safety from both accident and the dreaded Gatso. Car makers, in turn, responded, by building cars that you could drive to the track, thrash them all day and then drive them home again. Read on to find out more about our five favourites.

Caterham 7 Roadsport

Caterham?s legendary 7 has been with us for 40 years, now (longer if you count the Lotus 7) and in all that time very little has changed. The shape has remained resolutely unchanged and it?s still faithful to Lotus founder Colin Chapman?s motto of ?simplify and add lightness?. The Roadsport may be the lowliest of the 7 family but that does not mean that it?s the runt of the litter. Yes, it may not have the power of the mad-cap Superlights or the sophistication (ish) of the CSRs but it is the embodiment of the Caterham ethos. It?s simple, it?s light and you can use more of its performance more of the time. While 125bhp may not sound like an awful lot, we think you?ll find it plenty in a car that weighs only a whisker over 500kg ? it goes from rest to 60mph in just under 6 seconds.

Handling-wise, it?s perfect for the track day novice and aficionado alike. It?s just so agile, responsive and predictable that just about anyone can get an awful lot out of the car without going at stupid speeds. With the front wheels being visible, it means you can point them precisely where you want to go ? allowing you to hit that all-important apex again and again. Ok, so it?s not particularly practical (but then none of the car here are) but as a second car, it?s hard to beat. It?s also great on the roads as well, meaning you can drive it to and from the track without too much trouble. Above all, however, it?s just great fun….More at?The top 5 track?cars?on sale today – Autotrader

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