Top five 1960s motoring milestones

As Austin Powers would say “Yeahh baby”… here are some of the top and most exciting cars that were launched during the swinging sixties….
Jaguar E-Type
The Swinging Sixties was one of the most memorable decades for cars. The pretty MGB; the glam Ford Cortina; the dependable Morris 1100 and 1300 models; the manly Ford Capri and the glorious Jaguar E-Type were all launched – and the Mini became the coolest set of wheels.
But it was also an era of great change in terms of attitude towards motoring. Cars became cheaper, consequently there more cars were on the roads.
They were becoming faster and thanks to a motorway network, getting from one end of the country to another seemed like a walk in the park.
More factories were built in the UK to keep up with demand and in 1968 the leviathan British Leyland Motor Corporation was created.
But more cars meant more deaths so the 70mph speed limit was put into place and breathalysers came in to stem the trend of drink driving….More at Top five 1960s motoring milestones | AOL Cars UK
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