UK Drivers are sleeping in their cars!

Things havent got that bad this xmas have they?

In a bid to cut back on fuel costs in an economy that seems more and more people finding lower-paying jobs, many people in the UK have taken to sleeping in their cars between shifts.

How many is many? About 1 in 16, if surveys by the RAC and FairFuelUK are to be believed. These people are self-reporting that they save money by sleeping in their cars and minimizing drives to work, with as many as 3% of all those surveyed saying that they’ve actually camped out near work in order to save on the cost of filling up.

I think I speak for all of us when I say “Holy f!@#!!”

Commuters are Resorting to More Extreme Measures to Cut Fuel Bills

Commuters have resorted to sleeping in their cars in a bid to cut down on their hefty fuel bills.

A joint survey by the RAC and FairFuelUK has revealed that one in 16 commuters have slept in their car to save money by minimising drives to work. And three per cent said they have camped near work in order to save on the cost of filling up.

Motorists are being forced to make tough sacrifices in an effort to save money and reduce the impact of the price of fuel, with three-quarters of motorists in the survey using their car less today than a year ago.

Drivers are even resorting to extreme measures such as cutting out family trips or considering quitting their job to cut back on the miles they travel.

Quentin Willson, a spokesman for FairFuelUK, said: “As a society, we’ve never seen this financial pressure on personal mobility.”

In the last financial year, motorists in Britain stumped up a whopping £26.8billion in fuel duty. This is marginally less than the £27.26billion that was raised in 2010/11, but nearly three times more than the £9.63billion paid out by UK drivers during 1990/91.

That’s article, in full, so you know I’m not making it up. Granted, fuel is a lot more expensive in the UK than it is here in the good-ol’ USA, but I can easily imagine a scenario where a group of Wal-Mart or Target workers would admit to having spent the night in the parking lot in between evening and morning shifts to save a few gallons of gas. In fact, I’d bet you money that it’s happening.

This is what our addition to petroleum is leading up to, people, and why we need to come to terms with that addiction soo…More at Drivers in the UK Are Sleeping in Their Cars to Cut Down On Fuel

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