Who has the most expensive petrol in the world?

Okay, so we all moan about the fuel prices in the UK but did you know we are actually quite low on the top ten countries price per litre for unleaded….


(1) Norway ? £1.64 per litre


Topping the charts with the most expensive price for a litre of unleaded fuel is Norway with an average price of £1.64.


This said, Norway has as much higher average level of disposable income at just over £2,600 per month.


(2) Turkey ? £1.62 per litre


Petrol prices in Turkey are a good 20 pence more per litre than in the UK and not only do they have a huge price to pay for their fuel, the average level of disposable income is at the other end of the scale at just £572 per month! Thats alot of disposable income being zapped by fuel if you use your car alot.


(3) Netherlands ? £1.48 per litre


At number 3 is the Netherlands with their average price per litre of unleaded being at £1.48. With an average disposable income of £1,784 pounds this works out a lot better than those living in Turkey.


(4) Italy ? £1.46 per litre


In at fouth place is Italy. A litre of unleaded here will cost on average £1.47. Taking up around 15% of the countries average disposable income.


(5) Greece ? £1.45 per litre


Well with all the press recently about the Greek economy its no surprise here to read that Greeks are currently spending on average 25% of their disposable income on fuel with the average price per litre being £1.45 and a monthly spend of £175.


(6) Denmark ? £1.43 per litre


Coming in just above the UK is Denmark with a cost per litre of £1.43.


(7) UK ? £1.42 per litre


Here we are, Britain is in at number seven with the average cost of a litre of unleaded at £1.42.? (this does’nt include the budget increase however which will be in affect come August).
The disposable income in the UK is at an average of £1660 per month with us spending around 10% of that figure each month on fuel.


(8) Sweden ? £1.41 per litre


In eighth place comes Sweden with an average fuel cost of £1.41 per litre.


(9) Eritrea ? £1.41 per litre


Eritrea is in joint place with Sweden at £1.41 per litre. This small country has an average of just £279 per month disposable income with around £170 of this being spent on fuel! – With that being over 60% of their income the UK doesn’t look quite as bad now!


(10) Belgium ? £1.40 per litre


With a disposable average income of £1936 per month the population is spending around 8.7% of this per month on fuel, 1.3% less than us Brits.

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