Who wil buy my car for best price? – use dealerbid.co.uk


If you are located in the UK and are looking to sell your car it is important that you compare the market and there is no better website service to use than dealerbid.co.uk.

dealerbid was the first??buy my car? comparison website that was launched in 2008 and now has almost one thousand car dealers across the country that use the website to source vehicles for stock directly from private sellers. Even though there are now a great deal of different car buying companies on the net dealerbid was the first to allow private sellers to put their vehicle details directly in front of so many different car dealers across the UK using one quick online process.

The site has become quite famous in the industry for providing sellers with better prices for their cars. This is due mainly to the fact that instead of receiving just one offer from one company the vehicle details entered are immediately matched up to interested dealers who then will make the seller their own individual cash offers. The obviously puts the seller in the driving seat as buyers know they are in competition with other dealers and will need to make a sensible offer if they are to be successful in purchasing a car.

In fact this method has been in use within the motor trade since 1999 for motor dealers to move on their unwanted part exchange stock or over-age vehicles to interested dealers for the best price without having to go through the cost or hassle of taking cars to auction.

If you are thinking who will?buy my car?for the best price the system is most definitely for you and it only takes a few moments to have your car listed and broadcast.

Simply enter your registration number in the yellow box on the homepage at dealerbid.co.uk answer a few questions about your car and that?s it. For an even better response we always recommend uploading a few photos.